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Arch Top and Semi-Arch Top Firescreens can be tricky to do on a long distance basis.  But we have a method that works -- although it could be challenging for you to provide us with what we need.

Here Are Your Options.....

  1. The best way (if possible) is to provide us with the shape and size in drawing form before the fireplace is built.  We build to your specs and you make the fireplace fit the screen.  This is an option if you are planning a house or a new fireplace.  Don't build the fireplace until you have the firescreen.
  2. If you have new construction and cannot wait, we will wait for you.  It is most helpful if you KEEP THE FORM the masonry people used to build the arch.  It is the exact size and shape of the opening.
  3. New Construction of Existing Fireplace:
    We will need either exact drawings and measurements of your fireplace or a full-size replica of the opening (such as the arch template).  This template can be transferred to cardboard.  We will need mounting locations for hingeposts also.   We do not build arch or semi-arch firescreens of the frame type unless it is to be built prior to being built-in new construction.  Only hingepost mount or free standing arch/semi-arch firescreens are available if your fireplace already exists.
  4. Send what you have and we will go from there.

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