How to Measure for Custom Commissioned Firescreens

If you are wanting information concerning a Custom Firescreen, or if it has been determined that a standard design of firescreen will not be suitable for your fireplace opening, this sheet will help you to provide us with more of the information we need.   Please print this page and fill in the blanks and send with the other informational sheets.  It is possible that we will want still more information.  Bear with us.   The quality firescreen you will get will be worth it!


  1. Pictures, Measurements, Dimensions of the location of rocks or bricks for anchoring hingeposts.  It is greatly helpful if it is the same general location on both sides.  We need solid anchoring locations from 1" to 6" from the edge of the fireplace opening.  If you do not understand this, we will look at your photos, highlight where we want measurements and e-mail back to you for the dimensions.

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Give alot of measurements!  We will pick the ones we need.

  1. Measuring several places, give the width and height of the fireplace opening at the surface
  2. Give location of anchor rocks or bricks
  3. Is the firebox opening (and hearth) level at the bottom?  
    If not, give the drop left or right.  It makes a difference, and we correct for it.


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