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Initial Discussions [no charge]
Do it....E-mail or call me at 830-367-2452

Tell me what you are wanting to do -- and then I will know what to ask you for in the way of measurements, etc.

A Contract delineating what my services are to you and the goal to be achieved will be sent to you along with a description of the project as I perceive it.  I will project estimate cost.

Design Work is $50.00 / hr + phone calls, copies, materials, other expenses.

Deposit required for one-half [] of projected cost.
You can set a ceiling -- if it is unrealistic I will tell you.
Balance one-half [] due before mailing/e-mailing.

Modifications - same rate as above

If you are seeking a design and working drawing only, here is a sample scenario:

1)  You contact me and tell me you would like for me to design a sunburst gate for your courtyard.  You like my designs but you have a local shop you feel is able to do the work.
2)  I e-mail or mail you a packet describing what I need (i.e., photos of opening in wall, dimensions, sketches, etc. -- whatever may help me.....did you see a photo of something I made that you liked?...etc.)
3)  You return the packet; I estimate time and send you a contract and possibly a sketch.
4)  You sign the contract, enclose deposit and contact me e-mail or in that letter let me know if I am on track.
5)  I finish the job and contact you.
6)  You send the balance and I send you the drawing complete with cutting lists, etc.
7)  If you want modifications we continue from there

This is the same for ironwork designs, entrance designs, fireplace designs, etc.

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