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This page is just what it says -- a place for special deals.  This page will be constantly changing according to whatever special deals we have.  Sometimes we upgrade our display items and put the old ones up for sale.  We may have a piece of metalworking equipment or tools for sale.   Or we may be selling unusual pieces of ironwork, antiques, collector's items, or other items.  We may have found an unusual piece that we have been storing, waiting for a use and a customer to surface.  And, occasionally we simply build something for "the heck of it", or take in old ironwork from jobs where we have replaced it.   If it is on this page, the displayed price may or may not be negotiable, but it is easy to contact us and find out.  Whatever is on these pages is sold "as is, where it is" and packing, shipping, and handling must be negotiated with us on a per-piece basis. Check it out......and often!

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This is a SAVAGE NIBBLING MACHINE (circa 1920's) totally restored and in perfect working condition...and in use in our shop. I don't really know it's capacity but we nibble 1/4'' all the time effortlessly. You can buy a hand nibbler that will do the same thing...or buy this gorgeous old piece of American history....when machines were BUILT to LAST and were infinitely re-buildable.

Price: $1,900.00

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