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Custom ornamental ironwork is, by virtue of its name, ironwork desired, designed and fabricated to fit a particular place or setting.   It has a limited quantity and is, more often than not, one of a kind, even if its basic style or design is common.  So many items fall into the category that any attempt to create a uniform set of guidelines as to "how to order" is an exercise in futility.

If you have a particular project in mind, the best way to proceed is to contact us via our e-mail or send us a letter through the regular mail.   Consultations with us in these formats are free and we will be able to get specific with you concerning what we will need for you to provide in the way of measurements, pictures, or ideas concerning your project.  Our rates, terms and services concerning commissions are outlined in GUIDELINES & RATES, along with various facts concerning ornamental ironwork that you may wish to take into consideration before you contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Some call it an "art form"......
    Whether an "art form" or not, artists and ironworkers alike possess individual "styles" which differ greatly from others within the same medium in which they work.....be it paint, music, sculpture, or ironwork.  Each may have a broad range of ability, but all have a specific "style" which makes their work unique and which separates their work from others of equal or greater ability.  An artist's best work is done within their particular "style", and within that style you will find your best deal.  Look through our Galleries and get a feel for our style.  If you like the feel of our work, let's get together and discuss what we can do for you.
  2. Capabilities.........
    Regardless of design, engineering, and fabrication skills possessed by each shop, there exists an area of ability to produce effectively which has a point wherein a job can be too small or too large to handle.  We are a small but highly productive shop, and we are that way by choice.  We are in our comfort zone where quality is at its peak for us.  We will be forthright with you concerning your job.  We also have no problem referring you to other highly skilled shops if they can better serve your needs.  We can help you, one way or another.
  3. Logistics..........
    We are located approximately 65 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas, and are just several miles from Interstate 10.  All major freight carriers serve our area and San Antonio International Airport is only one hour from our shop.  Freight, shipping, and travel is not a problem for us.  Getting to you or your location for personal interviews and measuring, etc., is easy as well.  When required or desired, we personally deliver and install.  Travel rates are listed in GUIDELINES & RATES.  If logistical problems are a significant factor regarding your commission, we will not hesitate to mention it so we can discuss its implications.



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