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Standard Stock Designs
These details are needed for either fitting a stock design firescreen to
your fireplace or commissioning a custom designed firescreen.

  1. Print this sheet for reference in completing the information required.  Print the INFORMATION FORM and MEASUREMENT FORM, complete the information on those forms, and send regular US mail with your inquiry; or, if your order is ready to go, mail to us the INFORMATION FORM and MEASUREMENT FORM.   If we need more information or have suggestions concerning your order we will contact you.  We recommend checking it out first.
  2. Take 3 or 4 color photographs of your fireplace.  Stand as close as possible and get pictures from front, both sides, and as many details as possible.
  3. Make a sketch of your basic fireplace and note measurements, such as:
    "Height from hearth to bottom of mantle"
    "Depth of hearth"
    "Rock on top of opening sticks out l" past flush surface of side" (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW)
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  1. If you are not handy with tools and/or taking measurements, you would be well-advised to seek assistance of a professional nature.  These measurements are critically important and will make installation and future enjoyment of your firescreen more pleasant and secure.  These firescreens will outlive you -- they do not wear out! Do it right.
  2. Carefully fill in the blanks on the MEASUREMENT FORMClick Here to go to enlarged Measurement Form for you to print out, fill in the blanks and mail along with your INFORMATION FORMTake individual measurements at each location they are asked for.   Remember that the firescreen frame on stock models slides 2" into the opening but the front flange overlaps the hole.  The dimension 2" in the opening may be smaller.  Check it.  If for some reason a flush-mount, built-in, frame-type firescreen such as our stock models will not work for your fireplace (un-even surfaces, river rock, brick ledge above firebox) we will let you know.  We have the same door-type models that do not have frames but rather mount on hingeposts and the doors overlap the opening.  These firescreens require the measurements called for under ORDERING SPECIAL FIRESCREENS. 
    Take a look at THIS TYPE OF FIRESCREEN.

See information regarding an ARCHED FIRESCREEN

CLICK HERE to see "How Stock Firescreens Fit"

blkstar.gif (874 bytes)SPECIAL NOTE:  These firescreens can be built into new construction of a fireplace easily!!!  The doors remove.  If you are ordering this firescreen to be built into a fireplace which has not been constructed yet, tell us!  We can put tabs on the frame.  To be built-in requires clearance for expansion and contraction!  We will provide you with details.  DO NOT build with rock or brick actually touching the frame.  You need 1/4" expansion room side-to-side and 1/8" to 3/16" under lintel plate.

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